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Build Your Chair Massage Event


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Our therapist arrive with everything needed to provide treatment

Your attendees are left happy ,relaxed and on the way to better health


Chair Massage Events

Delivering Wellness Directly to You

Atomic Bodywork delivers revitalizing chair massages directly to your office or special event, featuring fully equipped, licensed, and insured massage therapists. Enjoy professional wellness services at your chosen location, tailored to your schedule

How does chair massage work?

1. Customize Your Event: Tailor your experience with selections including attendee count, number of massage therapists, session length, therapist preference, and venue. Instantly receive and approve your quote online, then secure your booking.

2. Prepare Your Space: Allocate a quiet area, such as a conference room or a less trafficked spot. We suggest a 6' x 6' space for each chair to give therapists sufficient room for optimal treatment delivery. All required equipment will be supplied by our team.

3. Unwind and Elevate: Experience the soothing, uplifting effects of massage at your office or any event. Our services require no special preparations or dress code adjustments.


Finding the Ideal Event Scale for Your Group

Select from 12-minute, 15-minute, or 20-minute chair massage sessions for your event. The choice of session length will influence the total number of massages we can accommodate, based on the duration of your event and the participant count.

Each therapist is capable of attending to 3-5 individuals per hour, varying with the chosen duration of the session:

  • For a 12-minute session (10 minutes hands-on), a therapist can see 5 individuals per hour.

  • A 15-minute session (13 minutes hands-on) allows for 4 individuals per hour.

  • With a 20-minute session (18 minutes hands-on), a therapist can treat 3 individuals per hour.

Happy Note: Events lasting 3 hours or more tend to fill up quickly and are favored by our therapists. Longer sessions are also more enjoyable for your attendees!"

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