Massage Supplies

Our Services

We offer in office and mobile services.
Each service is personalized to your specific need   with your choice of aromatherapy. 

Elevate the benefits of your massage by adding CBD!

Atomic Zen

60 Minute     $100

Atomic Recharge

90 Minute     $130

Atomic Restore

60 Minute     $120   
90 Minute     $150

For mobile prices and availibility please give us a call. 

Atomic Plans

Maintain the longevity and benefits of your massage with a massage plan.

30 Minute Session    $165

60 Minute Session    $255

90 Minute Session   $345


30 Minute Session    $275


60 Minute Session    $425


90 Minute Session    $575

This plan includes 3 sessions.

This plan includes 5 sessions.

Atomic Chair

Corporate Services

In today’s competitive employment environment, every advantage can make a difference. That’s one reason employee wellness programs have become a popular means of providing physical as well as psychological benefits to employees.

Event Services

Want your next event to be a big hit? Chair Massage is an awesome addition.  Have your guest, patrons or clients leave your event in a state of bliss!

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8/1/21 Update: Due to new CDC Guidelines all clients must wear a mask, including those who are vaccinated.