Massage Supplies

Meet the Owner


What inspired you to start a massage business?

After falling in love with massage and the benefits of  its effects on the body physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, I felt compelled to share the power of massage with others. More than anything else, I find purpose in knowing that I’m doing something to help others feel better.

What is your vision for Atomic Bodywork?

 My sole mission and vision is to be able to educate and assist others in understanding that stress in any form first starts mentally, starting the journey to a healthier  mind will produce a healthier body. Although massage is a hands on therapy its so much deeper than touch!

What are the benefits of receiving massages regularly?

Receiving massages regularly will boosts mental health and wellness, lowers stress levels, manages pain, increases immune function and improves physical fitness.

Meet Our Team

  We are a team of licensed and insured professional therapists with numerous years of experience. Our mission is to create  peaceful therapeutic client experiences.  We prioritize restoring our clients wellness through multiple massage modalities. We love what we do and we are sure that love will transfer into your massage with us.

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8/1/21 Update: Due to new CDC Guidelines all clients must wear a mask, including those who are vaccinated.