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Benefit of Senior Massage

Improved quality of life

Elders may feel lonely, anxious, and depressed. Routine massage can reduce these feelings and provide comfort and a sense of connection for elderly clients.

Improve postural stability

Falling is one of the greatest concerns for seniors. Massage elevates the rate of blood flow to the limbs and other parts of the body that facilitate upright posture. 

Improves blood flow

Blood is responsible for several functions in the body. Since proper circulation can become increasingly difficult with age, massage therapy helps to improve blood flow to all parts of the body.

Better Sleep

One  things that come with old age is poor sleeping patterns and low quality of sleep. Massage therapy provides relaxation and brings a sense of calm, which in turn improves sleep quality and quantity

Chair massage atlanta, mobile massage atlanta, corporate massage atlanta
 Chair massage atlanta mobile massage atlanta

"Our residents deserve the best and that includes recurring  massage from Atomic Bodywork. We have seen tremendous benefits in residents quality of life. Thank you Atomic Bodywork!"  - Winnwood Retirement Community

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